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The Map is not the Territory

The map is not the territory says one of the NLP presuppositions.

To begin with-what is a presupposition in NLP? I’d compare those to geometry axioms. They’re just there, the base bricks on which you build the rest of the house. Like the rules of any game-you just follow them if you want to play.



Photo by Spencer Selover

Every single one of us has their own map of reality - how we see the world, what we consider true, what we believe, even WHAT we see around us.

Everyone’s map is absolutely unique and has been forming and changing our whole life.

Now there’s our map - how we see the reality AND THERE’S THE TERRITORY, the reality itself.

Due to our reticular formation (a zone in our brain responsible for focusing our attention on something particular) we are only able to perceive about 4-5% of the world around us!! Which means that truly no one knows what the reality is like.

Therefore there’s no absolute truth and no absolute right. Now what does this mean for us?

Understanding that everybody’s maps are different is crucial.

  • What’s “just 5 minutes" for you is “rudely late” for someone else.

  • What’s “fun” for you can be “obnoxious” for another.

  • And your “bright future” can be something completely different from your partner’s.

Explore other people’s maps,ask questions,only then you can get truly close to somebody and connect on a much deeper level.

Have you ever noticed how this presupposition works in real life?

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