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Say "No" to perfectionism. Act first, think later.

Updated: Apr 10

Perhaps there are people among you, who, like me, have already realized, that “think everything through first and only then act” strategy works only for primitive tasks.

All this analysis and planning, attempts to calculate all the possible outcomes to avoid mistakes and create a perfect product only to end up losing all the interest in doing anything at all. Only to realize that “you’re not ready yet”, that it’s too early, that conditions are not good enough, you’re not good enough and afterall “maybe one day”. All this pseudo-analysis of your goal whether it’s appropriate and not too hard to achieve is nothing but one of the ways to talk yourself out of getting up from the couch and putting work in.

Those, who want to reach the heights they can’t even quite see yet, follow the principle “Act first, then think and analyze”.

Only this principle takes you to the level of accomplishment and consciousness that’s unavailable for the others. A toddler isn’t concerned whether his steps are perfect or not. He doesn’t assess what it’s going to take him, doesn’t collect information, doesn’t prepare himself, isn’t ashamed of possible failure, doesn’t take time to get strong enough first and only then takes a step. He gets up and wobbles around improving his steps as he goes. But give that toddler an adult brain- and he’d never get out of his crib.

All you need to do is simplify the process instead of complicating it. Quit “doing research” instead of acting! If you get enough courage to step onto the unknown ground without “thinking, understanding and describing”, but simply doing, walking through fields that don’t have a name and description in your head just yet, you’ll open up to the opportunity to access the new level knowledge and experiences.

It’s the mistake all the adults make-trying to plan it all out first and then act. Not only that planning, analyzing, scheming, interpretation and explanation takes tons of time and energy. “Analyzing and interpreting” also creates obstacles declaring all the reasons not to.

Your momentum slows down or even disappears completely. Sadly enough, perfectionism is an obstacle we create ourselves. If deep inside we’re not ready to accept something new and unknown and we keep waiting for somebody to go down that road and explain all the ins and outs to us filling it with bright pretty pictures, then most likely we’ll keep sitting on a couch and watch inspirational videos on YouTube.

I’m not saying that thinking and understanding are unimportant.

I’m saying that the achievers who reach high follow different rules.

And one of those is:”Act first, think later”.

Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi.

Photo by Fernando Weberich


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