Hi, I’m Olesia, the owner and the face behind Millennial LifeLift everything.

I’m a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Life Coach ( iNLP Center graduate) as well as a huge neuroscience data consumer. Although I meant to become a linguist ( I got my Master’s back in 2011), instead, 6 moths after graduating I found myself on a plane to the opposite side of the globe and never looked back.

Today I work with clients from North America, South America, Europe, and the map keeps growing. I help them maximize their potential, teach them how to think more effectively and give them tools to build the life they want using NLP and Life Coaching techniques along with latest neuroscience data.


Because I'm sick and tired of hearing that we are a generation of spoiled, lazy and entitled snowflakes.

It's quite the opposite. We care more, we want to do more, we want to achieve more, we want to contribute more, we want to be more.

We're not agreeing to go with the flow and follow. We want to create new better ways for ourselves and for others. We want to be better and constantly work on improving ourselves. The more clients I meet, the more I see it!

And I want to let you know that I see you and I'm proud of you. LET'S DO IT! 



What is it and how does it affect you

There comes a time in our life in the mid-20s-mid-30s when everything seems to be upside down. We can't help but constantly ask ourselves questions like "Am I as successful as I thought I would be?", "Am I serving my true purpose?", "What am I doing with my life?" and "What's the point of all this anyway?". You can continue the list with hundreds more, but I think you get my point. 

Your constant intense soul searching rarely gives you any answers, instead leaving you frustrated, anxious, depressed, drained and lonely. And it's not just your ego that's suffering, it affects all aspects of your life:

  • WORK-you come to your place of employment as if it was a 9-5 jail time. Every day is the same, you have zero motivation and interest. You're able to pay your bills, but you know that there's something more you could be doing with your life. You live from weekend to weekend constantly asking yourself "AND THEN WHAT?"

  • FRIENDSHIPS-the thing about the Quarter-Life Crisis-is that we don't want people close to us to realize we're not ok, discussing the issue is nearly impossible because you have no answers, only questions.. so the only thing you're left with is isolating yourself. 

  • ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS- (healthy ones that is) feeling so down and unaccomplished rarely leaves us believing that we deserve a partner we want to see next to us. Existing relationships get affected by all the stress and anxiety. New ones almost destined to fail-if you don't know who you are how do you know what kind of partner do you want?

You can continue the list, this is far from being complete. How am I so sure you can? Because The Guardian did a research and revealed that 86% of millennials experience the Quarter-Life Crisis at some point in their life. Let me put it this way. It's basically not even a question whether you have to deal with it or not-it's the matter of WHEN.

And I know exactly the agony we all go through since I didn't happen to belong to the 14% of millennials who don't seem to have to deal with this issue, at least not to that extent. It took me a long time of being depressed, frustrated, lonely and lost until my life led me to iNLP Center where I got an NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach training. That's where I learned that all the answers lay within me and various techniques (both coaching and NLP) helped me find them. 

And now I want to share those techniques with you.

Together we're going to:

  1. Discover your true values.

  2. Figure out what is it that you want to do with your life.

  3. Design the life that fits you.

  4. Make a plan how to achieve your goals.

  5. Define what's stopping you.

  6. Build inner resources to overcome anything that gets in your way.

  7. Create a strategy that will help you maintain your achievements.

You don't have to do it all on your own and I'm convinced we'll get where you want to be. Why? You already made the Step 1: you're looking for answers and ended up being on my page. And as they say, when there's a will there's a way. So let's find your way! Schedule the First Call and see how I can help you build the life that's perfect for you.


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